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full coverage dental insurance

full coverage dental insurance

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Have questions please post them in the chat anyone here okay let’s go on how can I get paid for all of the x-rays I need to diagnose.

I hear this all the time sherry where you know you get a new patient coming in and they’ll do the piano and FMX do that.i tarot scanners and they do all of

These things but then what they do is they they just write them up they eat or they don’t even necessarily put them in the chart yeah in the accounts you know in the let in the patient ledger

That they did it and they adjust it off which that you need to be doing as well you know you might put it in a clinical chart but you’re not putting it in the patient record that the ledger so let’s talk

About how can doctors potentionally potentially get paid for the for the x-rays and diagnostics that they are doing for patients so

What I what we tell some doctors is you know you got to look into your insurance plans for sure you know those FMX in those Panos those f of X and those Panos and summer and yes we our lives and and you know .

Some insurance companies will pay for piano but not in the same day that FMX is done so don’t do the pan of the same day pan oh you know you don’t need a pan up for diagnosis for for certain services right .

A lot of doctors just want it and rely on it to get a fuller comprehensive view of the mouth and the condition of the of the gums and teeth but insurance companies for insurance companies now

They say you don’t need a panel for diagnosing you need bite wings and pas so if you really are going to navigate the insurance game to get paid for the.