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Dental insurance texas¬†there’s a tight seal on that apical¬†dental insurance texas area one more thing that you can do is actually remove the wedge and if you put it in from the palatal or the lingual remove it and actually.

dental insurance texas

dental insurance texas

  • This time try it from the buccal and if you try from the book or sometimes the area is a little bit better there and it’s
  • a little bit bigger where it’s actually gonna close down that contact with that matrix and it’s gonna create.
  • A nice seal between the matrix and all the peripheral enamel so that’s the first thing

I wanted to look at the second thing I wanted you to look at is that the proximal box is actually open so you can see that .

The margins are going to be on the outside that means that the patient is going to be able to floss the pager is going to be able to clean them but most importantly we’re going to be able to polish .

Those margins to make sure that we don’t have any micro leakage so I have high confidence that that restoration is gonna last a very long time because we have avoided any micro leakage that .

We may have okay so post-op sensitivity so this is probably what hurts the most when we see a patient in our schedule that says patients coming in because of pain or patients having sensitivity on.

This restoration or patient is having sensitivity on this crown so what are the main reasons for sensitivity and how can we avoid them how can we manage them while we can imagine by adjusting it by redoing